They would values things like timeliness and marking calendar dates far into the future. The Latino culture on the other hand has circular world view. With a circular world view more emphasis is placed on the people surrounding you. Family for those who share a circular world view is valued more highly and thus their role is different from European-Americans.

    One of the most prevalent themes throughout Latino literature is of the family. An analysis of the family in this literature provides riveting insight on the Latino culture. There is a clear connection with the circular world view in the texts Canicula, Ruins, Bien Pretty from Woman Hollering Creek, and Oscar Romero. The authors behind this genre of literature brilliantly expose the differences in culture and family between European American and Latino families. The circular world view is able to manifest in a variety of ways in each text.

    The majority of Latino literature is focused on the home and this serves as the perfect platform to observe the differences seen in Latino families from Eurocentric ones. Family for those in Latino culture plays a much more important role than in a Eurocentric one.

    A huge difference is the respect that parents and grandparents garner in Latino communities. Elderly people coming from a European-American family are cast away at some point when they lose their perceived value for the world.

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