So you are Hispanic and on your way to attending college or the University. Congratulations I know you will do well academically. I'm not too sure how you will do financially. I say this because in many Hispanic families, children are not taught how to manage money.

    Someone that is not even related to me helped me open up my first checking account. So I know that you are somewhat on your own trying to find where to apply for Hispanic Grants.

    The sad thing is Hispanics are more familiar with receiving loans than grants. This does not have to be the case for you. Imagine going to school of your choice on someone else's tab. Sounds like a dream come true for many Hispanic students but you can make it a reality. You will hear that there are a lot of Hispanic Grants and Scholarships available to you but learn from my experience, START Early.

    In reality you should start applying for Grants and Scholarships your junior and senior years of high school. This will determine which school you can attend financially. Many Hispanics end up attending the local junior college because it's cheaper, easier to get into and you get to stay at home while you attend school, this is also a good idea if you are going to take school serious. Do not get sucked into staying at home for years, do not work full time taking one or two courses a semester.

    Your best plan is to attend school full time and work part time. This is the secret to staying away from school loans. Forget about making payments on a new car, use your money for school. The faster you get out of school the faster you will be on your way to building wealth with a full time job.

    Apply for Hispanic grants like crazy, have some nice essays ready because the panel who will decide if you receive a grant or not wants to hear why they should give it to you. Always mention a 5-year plan and what you will do once you graduate. Also mention extra-curricular activities that you are involved in. For example, church activities, high school accomplishments, and community involvement. Always mention your grade point average as well. Good grades mean more money.

    Want to attend college for free, you can, I did. I started by adding my info into the Fastweb database and I wrote down names of Hispanic Grants that were available. Ultimately both my degrees were paid for by Hispanic Scholarships and yours can be as well.

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